Book review

Christopher Newman’s book Fraud, Plunder, Treason, and our Treaty is a huge contribution to the subject of the Treaty and Race Relations in New Zealand. It is an eye-opener. Christopher has brought together lines of thought which have often only been touched on in other publications, and has filled them out with vital observations about the past, present and future of New Zealand.

Having taught about culture and society in schools, and in the process facing many of the issues dealt with in this book, I see a great need for this level of understanding to be made available to all. Fraud, Plunder, Treason, and our Treaty is an exposé, yet one which also contains hope – hope that all who read it or even parts of it will be alerted to the urgent need for clear thinking on this topic, and will take action accordingly.

Christopher Newman is a clear thinker. His well-researched overview of the scams, deceptions, lootings and seditions that have ravaged New Zealand nevertheless includes sound, workable recommendations for the future.


Guy Steward (author, teacher, musician)

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